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Ahhh... knives. A prepper's best friend. And for good reason: a good knife can help you in a wide variety of survival situations, including:

- cutting and skinning

- splitting wood (yes, some bushcraft knives can do that)

- defending against an attacker

- removing splinters

- eating, cooking, and even digging! (you can find even more uses here)

First thing's first: you need a basic survival knife for most tasks. It needs to be fixed-blade, not too big, but not too small either. Many preppers (myself included) agree that the Morakniv Companion is perfect (it's about $15 and excellent quality). You can find it on Amazon.

(You might as well get two of them...)

Here's a list of the best knives, plus what to look for when you get one:

Next, you'll need a folder as part of your everyday carry kit (EDC). This is something you can keep in your pocket, and you can carry with you every day.

Megan made a list of what to look for in an EDC knife, plus the best ones to get.

The 3rd type of knife you're going to need is something larger, suitable for harder tasks, such as digging, cutting wood and branches and so on. A machete such the Condor machete (also on Amazon).

If you're up to it, here's a more advanced topic for you - how to DIY your own knife.

Why? Well, it's one hell of a survival skill and, who knows, if you'll like it, maybe you can start selling them. 

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