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The flamethrower. When most people hear those words they usually think about WWII. During WWII the soldier wore a backpack of tanks and carried a “gun”/ wand kind of thing that he used to spew fire 150-300 feet or so ahead of him burning everything in its path. Those were cool, huh?

Basically a military flame thrower contains two or three tanks and a gun to deliver the mixture. One or two of the tanks were filled with some form of petroleum fuel. There is a thickening agent added to the fuel in order to help it stream towards the target rather than spray. (more)

Dan's latest video: how to bug out forever. Must watch>>

Secrecy in Prepping Part 2: Underground

Not too long ago I wrote an article called “Secrecy in Prepping” that focused on the realities of stockpiling goods. The article discussed how that if other people knew that you were stockpiling supplies like food, water, medicine, weapons, and ammunition, that this could cause you to become a target for those who did not have the foresight to be so prepared in the event of an emergency. (more)

How Would You Survive for 10 Years on a Deserted Island?

No matter how it happened, being deserted on an island can be very stressful and dangerous. However, in this article you are going to learn how to survive physically and psychologically should be stranded for ten years. Though very unlikely, if this should happen to you, you will need to: (more)

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